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Current leadership

Steven D. Shumway

Steven D. Shumway is president and CEO of Whiting Brothers investment Co. and a managing partner of its affiliated companies. Steven received a bachelors degree in chemical engineering from Brigham Young University and began his professional career working for Exxon Chemical Company at an olefins plant in Houston Texas. Steven and his wife Heidi returned to Arizona to work with Whiting Brothers in 1998. They are active in their community and church.  Steven's best hours are spent with his wife and four children working together and enjoying outdoor activities in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. 

Shane J. Shumway

Shane J. Shumway is general counsel for Whiting Brothers Investment Co and a managing partner of its affiliated companies.  Shane received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Brigham Young University and his law degree from the University of Chicago Law School.  Prior to joining WBI, Shane was an attorney at Jones, Waldo, Holbrook, & McDonough.  Shane and his wife Katherine enjoy spending time with their three children in the White Mountains of Arizona.

Scott Frentz

Scott Frentz is a vice-president of operations and chief engineer for WBI.  Scott oversees the maintenance teams for all company operations and ensures their success.  Scott has significant experience in the operation and maintenance of commercial and hospitality projects.

Misty Medina

Misty Medina is a vice-president of operations and manager for Colega Management Services, LLC which oversees hospitality management for WBI affiliated companies.  Misty is a talented team leader and has significant experience managing Hilton and Marriott branded properties.

Teresa MacDonald

Teresa MacDonald is the director of finance and accounting and has worked for WBI since 2006.


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